97cm is a Germany-based studio founded by Illya Gubin and Mehmet Cevik in 2016. Blurring the line that separates art and fashion, their work is heavily influenced by their respective biographies. Exploring the ambiguities of modern life, 97cm creates multi-layered reflections of everyday perception. 97cm refracts bodies, space, and time into assemblages of images and materials that invite beholders to reflect on their concepts of aesthetics and emotions. There is no demon as intimidating as the past extending its claws into an ever-changing present, pulling at the seams of a future no one can foresee. Consequently, 97cm captures the moment as a result of the past, which in turn perpetually creates other moments yet to come. The result is a body of works in a constant state of flux, encompassing both art and fashion. 


The name “97cm” derives from Illya Gubin’s initials and where they are located in the alphabet (I = 9, G = 7), combined with Mehmet Cevik’s initials. 

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