Object "UNBENANNT"; WIEDERGEBURT Exhibition [Exp.] - This space was once forgotten. The greasy door, the rusty tools, the discarded car parts: an old repair shop, left for dead. An energy remained, however, in the cracks in the ground, in the instruments’ signs of use, between the unremembered shelves and within the mute machinery. They were specters haunting the empty halls, silently remembering a past that had a use for them. Is a tool still a tool if it is no longer utilized? What about an engine cover? Can something exist without being perceived? Reshaping the forms that were left behind, 97cm attempted to resurrect the dead. We reintegrated the decaying everyday artifacts into the cycle of nature: the symmetric becomes asymmetric, the familiar becomes unfamiliar, and dead matter comes to life. Abandoned in the past, reborn in the present, present in the future: this is now a space for rebirth.


- Limited edition of 1 world wide

- Heavy metal and vinyl material

- Made out of car parts

- 80 cm x 148 cm

- Certificate of Authenticity included

- Handmade in Germany 


    © 2020 97cm